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Just a follow up on budget digital tablets; HA60 Monoprice and P608N Huion. Both continue to work exceptionally well - use the Monoprice more, and save the Huion when I want to do more elaborate painting (the extra pressure sensitivity* and smoother feel).

*See original review.

I am running both off the Huion supplied drivers. This eliminates the convenient buttons on the Monoprice - but no biggy. Every once in a while the drivers do not load properly at start up. Simply unplugging the tablet from the usb and then back in starts the drivers. If I have Photo Shop or Elements open when doing this, I have to click on the tablet icon to open the tablet settings dialog box and go to pressure sensitivity tab - place curser over the drawing area and then use the pen - this makes it register (start working) in all software (Note the pen tablet dialog box must be left open) till after working in Photoshop - quirky - YES, but I am too lazy to reload the drivers and .... this works - so...

System used Win 7 64bit.

Two tablets for less then the cost of a medium Bamboo, and both have higher resolution. No draw backs.

One other quick observation - the Huion seems a little bit more ruggedly built.

UPDATE: 06-15-2013
I noticed after a long absence from Deviant that comments built up a little, and I am sorry for those I did not respond to - or responded long after the fact.

On drivers issues. I haven't had time to really dig into the issues do to work. So I would say this to the curious (about alternative art tablets). If you are slightly techie - you will be OK. If you are not technically inclined at all - then Wacom is a safer bet. It is not unlike PC vs Mac. PCs are better suited for people who are at least somewhat tech savvy.

Since first getting the two tablets I reviewed - Huion has become much easier to get (grrr). Amazon is a good place to look. I am very happy with the P608N, but there are a couple of choices available that I would have seriously considered - especially the The K58:
230 RPS 
2048 Levels 
That puts it spec wise in the same ball park as the Wacom Intous. I saw it on Amazon a couple of months back and cursed a little - then shrugged - that's the way it goes.

Overall - I see the two tablets I have lasting a long time. I was very nervous when I decided to try these alt tablets. It was unfounded. Just remember you may have to tinker with drivers. But if you take into count the price - it can be worth the slight aggravation. If cost is absolutely no issue - then Wacom is good. If you decide to try alt tablets from UC Logic (under Monoprice, or I have seen it under the name Tursion), or the Huion (under Huion, Turcom, DigiPro), look around - really good deals pop up on occasion (above and beyond the decent value the represent).

Hope those of you who decide to try - do your own reviews. Link to my reviews, and create a network of info for users.


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Thanks much - I checked your stuff and I really like the pieces: portrait and creature concept!
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